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Language for Little Learners

I've been working on a new blog - Language for Little Learners, a blog for parents teaching children second languages.

Meanwhile, check out my new books:

About Flip Flop French

Have you ever wanted to teach your child French, but you pick up some books and they are too hard to follow and just seem overwhelming? You won't feel that way with the Flip Flop French Workbook. It was designed with parents and teachers in mind. To make the whole language learning experience a fun and enjoyable one for both the parent and child.

Flip Flop French is proven curriculum with parents in mind! Even if you don't speak French, with the included CD, you can teach your child French! The 14 lessons include practical vocabulary, phrases, fun activities, and more challenging ideas for every learning style for children ages 3 to 5. The vocabulary CD features the voice talents of a native French Speaker with pronunciation practice on 16 tracks: One for each of the lessons and two for more conversational practice. Work through the first 7 lessons, then FLIP the book upside down to work back toward the front, reviewing previous lessons as you go! The supplemental pages include a complete glossary, flashcards to color and cut out, and a certificate page.

Why Flip Flop?

Flip Flop French coverEvery other page is upside-down for a reason! We designed each book to fold back on itself so your student can see and focus on only one page at a time.

As you both work through the lessons, your student sees a glimpse of what's to come, so when he FLIPs the book upside-down, your child will proudly review all that he has accomplished, simply by turning the pages, flipping and learning.

The term FLIP FLOP also portrays a casual, fun image... this is language learning for FUN! You and your child will be making memories that will last a life-time as you commit each word or phrase to memory. Even if you take a few weeks off, you'll find your child describing trees, cars, people, and animals with the new vocabulary he knows.